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HEALTH CARE AIDE - Challenge Program

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Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) is a program that awards credit for learning you have obtained through your professional and Personal life, skill training, and volunteer experiences. No matter where your learning come from, Rosewood College PLAR Program allows you to apply your previous knowledge towards your Health Care Aide Certificate.




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Sept 4, 2023


Academic English Language Arts (ELA)

  • Grade 11, 20-2 level course, with a minimum score of 60% achieved or Canadian jurisdiction equivalent; or

  • English 20-1 with a minimum of 60% achieved or Canadian jurisdiction equivalent; or

  • English 30-1 or 30-2 with a minimum of 55% or Canadian jurisdiction equivalent; or

  • Deemed equivalent by completion of ACCUPLACER (assessment placement test)

Note: Students who have not completed the ELA, 20-2 level requirement and achieved the minimum grade are subject to completing the ACCUPLACER assessment test. This can include students out of province, out of country or mature students that have been out of school for a significant length of time.

English Language Proficiency (ELP)

Candidates where English is a Second Language (ESL) must meet the English Language Proficiency requirement in addition to the Academic English requirement. Equivalencies are as follows:

  • Required Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) of a minimum of 7 in each of the 4 language skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing) and not an average of 7; OR

  • By completing high school in Canada. Studies must have been in English at an approved Canadian high school (grades 9, 10, 11, 12) with at least three consecutive years of full-time academic study; OR

  • By completing a recognized post-secondary degree or diploma program in Canada. The program must have involved at least two full years of full-time, consecutive academic study in English.

Approved English Language Proficiency Tests

Tests benchmarked at a CLB 7 for all 4 language skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing). Official results must be submitted directly to the PSI.

  1. International English Language Testing System (IELTS) Academic: 6 (no section score below 5.5);

  2. Test of English as a Foreign Language Internet Based Testing (TOEFL iBT): 71;

  3. Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program (CELPIP) General: 7 (with no section score below 6); and

  4. Canadian Language Benchmarks/Milestones Test (7 in each strand, not an average of 7).

  5. Duolingo online test

Test Currency:  results must have been obtained within two years of the start date of the program.

Test Validity: IELTS (Academic) and TOEFL results are valid for two years from the day of testing. Results that expire prior to the Start Date of the program will not be accepted.

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